Design snafu in the Adoptables line!

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This new line of one of a kind hand crafted Polymer clay Greyhounds will be available soon in a wide  variety of personality filled designs.

Adoptables-PoppyEach 2.5in tall creation is a one of a kind hand crafted and signed piece. Each one comes with an official adoption certificate. The Adoptables are detailed miniature sculptures that capture the fun and authenticity of the Greyhound heart.

Attention to detail and an artistic flair makes each one a truly unique piece of art. Facial expressions and ear positions help to accentuate the line and beauty of the Greyhound. These pieces will be available as portraits of your hound, and can incorporate cremains in the clay or in a small pocket in the neck.

Alas… I have hit a snafu!

I am searching for just the right piece for the eyes to breathe life into this line. We’ve tried many options and am currently in mid production of all hounds pictured here and much more detail will be added, and the eyes… oh the eyes are tough.

Currently the black plastic eyes are place holders. We’ve tried Tigers eye, but there is considerable differentiation in striation of the beads and it’s difficult to find two that look good together.

We’re looking for Czech glass and even considering Swarovski Crystals. It is a dilemma… but one we are actively pursuing.

Any ideas come to mind??

Adoptables are coming SOON!


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